Currently trying to set up a visit to a medical professional that I can afford under my insurance from work and it’s like “fuck I don’t know any of these people, who am I supposed to go to?????am I supposed to see this person for these problems or do I need to go somewhere else?gahhhhhh” and then I just fucking give up.

I just want to get back on my ADHD medicine again so I can go back to creating art on a regular basis and think clearly and fucking do tasks without trouble and not hate every day shit as much. 

I think I’m supposed to go to a Psychiatrist but the only places within 50 miles of me that is covered under my insurance all appear to be places that mainly deal with children or adults undergoing suicidal/substance abuse issues. 

I am so clueless. I need a responsible adult to supervise me!!




The Spera Gathering - part 2
Making comics in the mountain is fun when the weather is fine!

From top to bottom :
Valentin Seiche -
Mathilde Kitteh -
Sourya Sihachakr -
Olivier Pichard -
Cécile Brun -

Everyone is hosted at the Atelier Sentô for a week to work together on the new Spera book : Ascension of the Starless, written by Josh Tierney.

More photos of the Spera Gathering

Another photoset from the Sento Gathering, check out the coolest man on earth on the top one.


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Happy Easter!

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oh wow look at those cuties!!